Wholesale 24" x 24" Wood Grain EVA Mats

WHOLESALE 4pc 24"x24"WOOD GRAIN EVA MATS Covers 16 Square Feet of Floor Space. Provides comfort protection for Children's Play Areas. Diamond plate finish provides extra traction. Thick 13/32" mats provide extra cushioning to avoid foot and back fatigue. Special Rubber construction resists dirt for easy cleaning. Non slip coating and water resistant for safer working conditions. Each square mat covers 4 square foot of floor space. Great for: childrens room, garages, workshops, kitchens and restaurants, washrooms, bathrooms, trade shows, anyplace with a hard concrete floor.

24" x 24" Wood Grain EVA Mats

Floor Mats
18 lbs
10.24" x 25.20" x 25.20"
96 units
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