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Selecting a wholesale grocery supplier can be an important decision for independent grocery retailers. That is why Great Lakes Wholesale offers a wide variety of wholesale food products that fit the needs of your store. As a leading wholesale food distributor, we have a large selection with over 1,000 wholesale food and snack items. Great Lakes Wholesale has a large inventory of wholesale food items including in-stock snacks, candy, baking supplies, meals & sides, condiments, and beverages.

Our customers love stocking their shelves with our wholesale grocery products because they rely on our great prices, premiere customer service, and rapid shipping at the lowest possible rate. Great Lakes Wholesale has exceeded consumer demands for affordable products for over 40 years as a trusted grocery distributor.

Some of our top selections are wholesale kitchen staples, bulk snacks and treats, and wholesale beverages.

Great Lakes Wholesale offers a wide variety of in-stock wholesale food products to fill your shelves. Our large selection allows you to choose items tailored to your customers. We offer a variety of high-quality nonperishable foods at competitive prices, from bulk candy and packaged snacks to grocery items and seasonings. We ship wholesale food products to small businesses throughout the United States and internationally, so you can count on us to provide the products you need.

  • Wholesale Baking Supplies: Fill your store shelves with cooking sprays, mixes, gelatin, spices and more to supply your home bakers with the necessary items for crafting delicious dishes.
  • Grocery Products in Bulk: Place your order for all the non-perishable food items you need in your store. From pastas and rice to soups and broth, order from our large selection of grocery items you need to replenish your shelves.
  • Bulk Candy: We offer a wide variety of candies so your customers with a sweet tooth come back to buy more. Our sweet treats range from hard candies, to chocolate, and gummy candies.
  • Wholesale Snacks: Finding munchies in-stock for a reasonable price is necessary to keep your costs down while pleasing your customers. We offer a bulk selection of chips, crackers, cookies, popcorn, and more as part of our wholesale snacks.
  • Bulk Condiments & Sauces: Purchase ketchup and mustard in bulk or any of our other savory sauces that will fly off of your shelves.
  • Beverages at Wholesale Prices: Find affordable coffee, water, and other beverages and beverage supplies in-stock and ready to ship.

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