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Wholesale Cough, Cold & Allergy

Great Lakes Wholesale has you covered with the best selection of wholesale cold medicines, cough medicines, and allergy medicines.

Cold & Cough Medicines
Prepare yourself for a cold before it even starts by shopping Great Lakes Wholesale’s selection of cold medicine. We carry a variety of bulk cold remedies such as cough drops, daytime cold and flu medicine, night time cold and flu medicine, and vaporizing chest rub.

Allergy Medicines
Find relief for dry cough symptoms and itchy sinuses with wholesale allergy medicine from Great Lakes Wholesale. Our selection of bulk allergy medicine comes at a great value with tons of options to choose from. Breath easier with our selection of wholesale nasal sprays and nasal strips that are perfect for opening up your sinuses. Also choose from our selection of non-drowsy allergy pills and wholesale maximum strength suphedrine.

For a great value on wholesale cold and allergy remedies, trust Great Lakes Wholesale to deliver you with the best products to help fight uncomfortable symptoms.

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Good Sense Cough Drops Menthol
24/30 CT
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Good Sense Cough Drops Cherry
24/30 CT
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Good Sense Cough Drops Honey Lemon
24/30 CT
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New Choice Decongestant Inhaler Stick
24/1 CT
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Family Care Nasal Spray Original 0.5oz (Afrin)
24/0.5oz (12+)
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U Vaporizing Chest Rub 4oz
24/4 oz
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