Wholesale 2 Pack Emergency blanket 3' x 6 1/2'

WHOLESALE 2 PACK EMERGENCY BLANKET 3' x6.5' Ideal for hikers or runners in remote areas where a protective emergency tent might instantly be required. The material is not fireproof. Emergency blanket will help you stay warm while camping. It is also ideal for use in winter seasons. This shelter is made of aluminum laminated polyethylene and is waterproof. It is a compact and lightweight shelter and can be easily stored in the cars glove compartment for easy transporation during camping trips. This shelter can also be cut according to the required size and use. Blanket reflects wind and heat and is waterproof. Blanket can be used in severe winters for maintaining warmth and keeping temperatures in control.

2 Pack Emergency blanket 3' x 6 1/2'

Camping & Outdoors
22 lbs
11.42" x 15.35" x 7.87"
1,536 units
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