Wholesale 1LB Epsom Salt Spearmint & Menthol

WHOLESALE 1 POUND EPSOM SALT SPEARMINT & MENTHOL Soothes minor aches and pains. Resealable pouch. Rejuvenates and soothes aching muscles. Relaxing and therapeutic effect. A soaking aid for minor sprains & bruises. Use as a saline laxative. Great for gardening and use as a fertilizer. Bath for calming moods, foot soak for sore feet, relief for overexertion & stiffness. Pleasant spearmint and menthol scent. 1 pound package.

1LB Epsom Salt Spearmint & Menthol

Epsom Salt & Oils & Spirits
12/1 LB
13.78" x 5.12" x 8.27"
1,872 units
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