Wholesale Superband Bandage Sterile Cotton Gauze Roll 4.5ö

Wholesale Cotton Gauze Roll: Superband Bandage Sterile 100% Cotton Roll 4.5ö. Sterile cotton gauze is ideal for primary or secondary wound care dressing. It is made of 100% cotton. This product is made of 6-ply crimped cotton cushions and protects the wound site. As a primary dressing the open weave design provides fast wicking, absorbency and aeration when placed directly on the wound. As a secondary dressing it is used to keep a primary dressing in place (such as gauze). The Bandage rollÆs unique crimped cotton design provides extra cushioning, additional absorption and promotes patient comfort. Highly conformable bandage is ideal for dressing limbs and head. Each roll is 4.5"""" by 4 yards. This product is used in hospitals and healthcare facilities. 1 boxed roll packed 24 to a case.

Superband Bandage Sterile Cotton Gauze Roll 4.5ö

Bandages, Wraps & Tape
24/1 CT
12.60" x 11.81" x 9.06"
4.050 lbs
2,592 units
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