Wholesale Trailer Aligning Kit

WHOLESALE TRAILER ALIGNING KIT Get hitched the first tiem every time without assistance. End the annoying hassles of getting in and out of your vehicle to check alignment. The brightly colored balls are easy to line up using line of sight. When the balls touch, you're ready to hitch. The telescoping rods extend from 13 1/2"" to 42". Attach one of the units to the trailer and the other to the hitch magnetic bases stick firmly to any steel surface. Weighs less than 12oz. Chrome plated finish prevents rust. Ideal solution for alilgning RVs utility trailers boat trailers and more.

Trailer Aligning Kit

11.42" x 16.14" x 12.99"
17.600 lbs
521.65" x 462.60" x 629.92
324 units
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