Wholesale Awesome Oxygen Clean Orange Spot Remover

Use LA's Totally Awesome Orange Oxygen All Purpose Spot Remover all around the household. It removes stains and odors from laundry, carpet, furniture and more. Awesome Oxygen can also be used in the bathroom and kitchen to remove scummy residue from tubs, tile, floors, sinks, shower doors and curtains. Awesome is an oxygen based cleaner and is chlorine free with a great orange fragrance. Put cleaning power into plain 'ole water! Containers are net wt 20 oz, and there are 12 containers to a case.

Awesome Oxygen Clean Orange Spot Remover

Laundry Additives & Aids
12/16 OZ
13 lbs
11.42" x 6.69" x 15.35"
1,320 units
United States
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