Wholesale Awesome Degreaser Refill

LA's Totally Awesome all purpose concentrated cleaner, degreaser and spot remover refill. Contains no acid, no ammonia, no bleach and is non-flammable. As seen on TV. Actually puts cleaning power into plain ol' water. Cleans everything washable, spray on...wipe off! Removes: blood stain, grease, wine, liquor, gum, oil, glue, coffee, pet stains, some inks, fresh paint, varnish, hair dye, food stains, grape juice, berry juice, and many more. Net wt 20oz. 24 bottles per case.

Awesome Degreaser Refill

Powder & Liquid Cleaners
24/20 OZ
38 lbs
12.20" x 9.06" x 18.11"
1,008 units
United States
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